Welcome to the Grant Family Pond View Maple Sugar House

We at The Grant Family Pond View Maples have several farm stands that we supply maple products to. May 19 we went to one of our larger buyers J&F Farms in Derry. We brought a small hobby model evaporator down and put on a boiling seminar for J&F Farms annual open house. Charlie made biscuits with maple butter while I boiled water simulating boiling sap and explained how an evaporator works. It was very hot (80's). Had a great day and can't wait to go back next year.



Click to see a picture of the evaporator
Over 100 Year of Family Tradition in our Maple Syrup Production!
15th Annual Open House!


March 28 & 29 2015


10:00 AM & to 4:00 PM


Mount Dearborn Road, Weare, New Hampshire 03281